Mad Professor 2018 Dates

1 – 6 March            Tribal Gathering     Panama
9th March              Quito  Ecuador
16th March            Leeds
17th March            Quimper
19th March            Beppe Recording to
23rd March            Beppe
24th March            London
31st March             Zagreb, Croatia
1st April                  Belgrade
2nd April                Stockholm, Sweden – Fasching
3rd April.                Gothenburg, Sweden – Pustervik
4th April                 Malmo, Sweden –  Babel
5th April                 Rostock, Germany – Zwischenbau
6th April                 Pisa
7th April                 Milan
8th April                 Zaandam, Netherlands – De Flux
9th April                 Cologne, Germany – CBE
10th April               Ljubljana, Slovenia – Gala Hala
11th April               Wiesbaden, Germany – Kontex

12th April               Berlin, Germany – Yaam  Berlin

13th April               Liverpool
14th April               Archspace,  London
15th April               Badia Recording
20th April              Théatre Lino Vetura –  Nice
27th April              Casino, Belgium
28th April              St Petersburg
29th April              Moscow
4 May
5 May
11th May              Paris with Lee Perry + band
12th May              Bretagne    Lee Perry
26th May              Lauterbourg   Festival, Ariwa
27th May             Trojan Party at Brixton Electric
2nd June              Leeds
7th June               Dubshow on a festival 40 min from paris
8th June               Dubshow Le Brise Glace – Annecy France
9th June               Grenoble
14th June             with U Roy & The Robotiks La Batterie – Guyancourt France
15th June             with U Roy & The Robotiks Rast’Art Festival Caen France
16th June             Setes, Mont, France
23rd June             Zion Station Festival,
28th June             Dakini Festival
9th July
13th July               Dour
15th July
19th July               Sea Splash Festival
20th July               Blue Dot Festival, Cheshire.
21st July               Legata Festival  Zaragoza
22nd July             Wilkswood Festiva wl Lee Perry
26th July              Always, Colmar w Lee Perry
31st July              Ozara
3rd August          Geneva, w Lee Perry
4th August          Geel  w Lee Perry
24th August        Uprising Festival
30 October –
17 November     N. America tour (venues tba)