Origin: Venice Beach/Los Angeles,  California
Genre: Conscious Hip Hop / Electronic-Fusion

Tagline: “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside”



Formed in Venice Beach California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in “Dogtown” to the biggest festival stages on the west coast, the Luminaries have now taken their message international and crowds everywhere sing along the anthem, “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside!”

It is in this metaphysical setting that the consciousness-expanding Hip Hop band known as the Luminaries have been born. With a range of sounds spanning from classic, feel-good boom-bap, to neo-soul mashed with super-charged funk-rock, the Luminaries cover the full spectrum of light and frequency. It’s is not simply good tunes that gets the crowd hyped off this 7 piece live hip-hop band, the 3 MCs perform with a tight group of instrumentalists to accompany their positive message. The outcome is that audiences are left feeling empowered, inspired, and filled with a sense of sheer love as they walk away from this ecstatic experience.  Luminaries create a soundscape of Hip Hop mantras inviting audiences to participate in the connectivity of one another while going ecstatic on the dance floor!



Luminaries are to release their new album “Seconds of Solace” with a new single “Reflection” feat. Nahko.

Also, their new track “UNITE” is up live now!

They very soon to debut the trailer for our new documentary movie “When The People Lead” that captures our travels to Palestine & Israel….

The band sees their role as more than just musicians, but messengers of hope – true hope – as they live a life of service, each having played the role of teacher, social worker, activist and other human instruments of positive change in the world. From working with homeless youth to defending the nation’s largest urban community farm, The South Central Farm, these boys have earned their stripes. Yes, the Luminaries are “here to serve”, and do so through their music and inspirational live performance that leaves an audience rejuvenated from the soul down to the cellular level.
Luminaries are no strangers to a large audience. Over the past couple years they have played around the festival circuit with such grand concert events as Bali Spirit Fest, Harmony Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, and Earthdance, sharing the stage with some of the hottest acts of the moment, including K ‘Naan, The Glitch Mob, Matisyahu and Michael Franti and Spearhead, as well as time-tested vets like The Teacha, KRS-ONE, STS9 and even India Arie.

2011 saw the release of the Luminaries first full length album, “One”.  The first single to be released  “Be The Change”, features acoustic soul man and soon-to-be-household-name Trevor Hall on vocals.  These good brothers are all-in and awe-inspiring, with each song title a mantra to live by: “Show The World”, “Everything is One”, “Peace”, “Only Love”, “YES” and the list goes on.  Also on the roster is pioneering wordsmith Myka Nyne (of Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed lore) Ghanaian Reggae legend, Rocky Dawuni, lead MC of Jurassic 5, Chali 2na, Elijah Ray & The Band of Light, and more to be announced.



As humanity experiences a shift in consciousness, economics, and spirituality, we are redefining the ways we treat one another, and our Mother Earth. While we overcome the wars outside of ourselves, by finding the peace in our hearts, the Luminaries offer a beacon of hope with their music that inspires us simply to love. They welcome you to join the Luminous Movement, while reminding us “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside.” When Luminaries come to your town be prepared to put your “L” in the sky and remember, you are the light!

Luminaries on porch